Anfrage der Yakutat Bay Lodge

Kurz in Yakutat nach dem Befinden und den zu erwartenden Preisen nachgefragt:

 Hello Kris and Ron

I have seen on the ADF&G-site, that Yakutat has a spectacularly sockeye-run this year – very good. We are hopefully that the next year-run comes well too – better than last year…

We went to come to Yakutat for two weeks in July next year – five or six swiss-fishermens. The most of this fishermens knows the Yakutat Bay Lodge and the salmon fishing. Other fishermen’s asked me to go to Yakutat and stay by your lodge. There are interested by lodging-prices.

I have seen that your site „“ with all the lodging information’s is down, since about two week’s – only the myspace-profile is available.

It’s possible that you send me the actual lodging prices and a little look to the next year (prices drop/stay/grow)?

 We hope that you and your family are well and your business works fine. We haven’t heard many good things by the financial and business parts last and this year. It looks like an around the world problem – not only in US, here in Switzerland too.

 Have a nice day and time


Your friend from Switzerland

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