Morels – the finest spring mushroom

Spring is quite ready certain delicate things for us. Fine mushrooms – especialy morels ( The warm temperatures and a little rain last week have driven them out of the ground.

You can find the morels near the wather – in the shrubs and between the trees on the river banks. It hasn’t many and you need a lot of time to pick up the morels. Pick up? Ok, to pick up is simple if you have found one, but to find is the difficulty.

Example: This picture is taken by standing upright and normaly showing. It has a morel in this picture. You can see them between the brown leaves and the green plants?

No? No problem i can help you. Look into the border…

and we go a little bit closer to the morel

The first morel of the year is the hardest to find one. With the first mushroom your brain have the possibility to remember and to set the focus of the eyes on the pattern. All other morels are much easier to find…

A morel too but another type (

and the result of my gather:

I have dried all of the morel to add them on stock and cure as long as possible.

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