Unpleasant photos 2010…

Every fishing trip has his special moments and a lot of new photos. Normally there are showing the pleasant photos only. But what’s happen with all the others? Where are they going? A small selection from 2010 is here:

 Not even take a picture now, right?

 What’s happen there? (He doesn’t like shaking planes…)

 Uhm – hmm – muddy water – hmm – hmm – very good beginning – hmm – hmm – I hate muddy water… (high water 07.07.2010)

 Come on! I need to go home!

 Waddle, waddle, waddle…

 Yah! I have catch fish – you haven’t…

 Solved braces…

 If you haven’t noticed – IT’S RAINING!!

 Ouh – the fish swims trough my legs! It’s possible that I stay a little bit deep in the water…

The same words on „Swiss Berne German“: Si schwümme mer ja zwüschä dä Scheichä dürä! Staa äuä scho chlei töif drinne…

 Uh – uh – hello? Cam?!? Aah – we are driving…

 Sleep, wake up, sleep and wake up – Wow, I am really knocked out…

 Take it! Take it now!

 Again? One more drink?

 Stay still! Pleeease!  Ok – not…

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