Working on stocked creek…

Our local fisheries association ( has rent three small creeks, where young brooke trouts can grow up in a quasi securly environment. Every year we stock this creeks with young fish from the fisheries inspectorate (like ADFG in Alaska). This trouts come in the creek just  after they have lost her yolk sac – normaly in April – and we catch these trouts in january/february next year with electric power to stock the bigger rivers.

First time we need to do this fishery saturday the 18th february, but the creek was almost all surfaced with ice.

Not the best conditions to go to the fish…

Last saturday it was time. The creek was mostly ice free and the air temperature about 0°C (32°F) at the morning. Very good conditions to go fishing and stock the rivers!

Our group working in the creek:

We have caught about 1’500 very beautiful and strong brook trout in several size (from 8 – 28cm; 3″ to 11″) finally and have stocked our rivers a little bit.

Ok – we known – these are not the large amounts and the most of this trouts haven’t the possibility to grow up to the legal size. In the bigger rivers they have many predators like mergansers or cormorants and this predators are protected by law. But we have the certainity to having done something. Even a lot of small stones grows up to a big pill – finally…

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