The first day from the new saison

Mars the 16th – this is a very important date for all fisherman in our district. It’s the first day from the new season – the new brook trout season! Almost a must to go fishing.
At 06:00am early in the morning the season begins right at the awakening of a new day.

Awakening day

Early morning fishing on river aare near Berne

And always these tantalizing questions in the head at the beginning of the season:
If the fish are biting today? Is there any fish to catch for me today?
We were starting very hopefully at the beginning…

       Martin                   Steven                        Anton

…but then – the fish don’t bite realy good. With my second cast I have hooked up one trout but I lost the fish right in front of my shoes. This was my first and last hit at this day.

River Aare

Ok – the water was very cold and the activity extremely low. Martin has had a very worse beginning – he had no fish contact.

Where are the fish?

And Steven? He was the lucky guy! He catches a nice legal sized brooky right near the end of our fishing trip.

Lucky guy!

We have hat a beautiful morning on the Water and a nice barbecue on the shore in the afternoon . A barbecue with bacon, steaks, chicken thighs and chicken wings…


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Looking back to last year…

There are several short fishing trips without comments in 2011. Now I have the time to show up all this trips.

Mountain lake Melchsee-Frutt

july 1st – 3th: Three sunny but cold days at the hashery fish stocked mountains lakes Melchsee-Frutt. There are three lakes for fishing – Blauseeli only for fly fishing and the Melchsee and the Tannensee for every fishing style. We are a small group of fishermens and have had a good time. Relaxing time…


Really relaxed...


We haven’t caught a lot of fish but we have had a good time.

River Emme

july the 22th: A short trip to a small and wild mountain river. It was a little bit dangerous trip with deep hanging and dark storm clouds in the valley.

The river runs with and a little bit muddy and swollen water.


The possibility of thunder, lightning and heavy water from above and plenty water in the river – these are not the best feeling conditions. But the brook trout were still hungry. Nymphing in a small mountain river can be very exciting…



A legal size one for diner...

Nymphing? Yes, this is my favorite pattern: Brown nymph

River Sense

August the first: This is my home river – only a five minutes hike far from my home. Ok – today I go a little bit downstream by car. There are other people on the road – in the air – early in the morning:

Balloon drivers early in the morning

It was a very sunny day with clear water. I was going to the old bridge ruins with the old bridge tax house


and fishing downstream. It was a beautiful morning!

Not only fishermens like the river...

Not only fishermens like the river...


Another small one

Hard working bees at the shore

Intensive summer colors everywhere – full flowering poppy:


River trail

River Saane

August the first: At the evening I was going to another river to fish with the dry fly. But – ouch – there is in high water! This river is regulated by a dam and – flooded…


The water level goes down a little bit but it was too high. It’s like swollen water after a rainstorm – the fish don’t like this water level and current…


Not only the fishs doesn’t hit my fly – my cam won’t work well too. I don’t know what she has. This is tunneling photography without using any special effects:


Extreme tunnel

 Lake Neuenburg

Last year I was several days fishing on lake Neuenburg. I have a small trolling boat in the harbor of Portalban. We were out for fishing to Whitefish, perch and pike and was more or less successfull.

My small trolling boat



The catches:

Whitefish (Coregone)


Perch and pike

Enormous perch with 43cm (17")

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Working on stocked creek…

Our local fisheries association ( has rent three small creeks, where young brooke trouts can grow up in a quasi securly environment. Every year we stock this creeks with young fish from the fisheries inspectorate (like ADFG in Alaska). This trouts come in the creek just  after they have lost her yolk sac – normaly in April – and we catch these trouts in january/february next year with electric power to stock the bigger rivers.

First time we need to do this fishery saturday the 18th february, but the creek was almost all surfaced with ice.

Not the best conditions to go to the fish…

Last saturday it was time. The creek was mostly ice free and the air temperature about 0°C (32°F) at the morning. Very good conditions to go fishing and stock the rivers!

Our group working in the creek:

We have caught about 1’500 very beautiful and strong brook trout in several size (from 8 – 28cm; 3″ to 11″) finally and have stocked our rivers a little bit.

Ok – we known – these are not the large amounts and the most of this trouts haven’t the possibility to grow up to the legal size. In the bigger rivers they have many predators like mergansers or cormorants and this predators are protected by law. But we have the certainity to having done something. Even a lot of small stones grows up to a big pill – finally…

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Yakutat 2012 is booked!

Our fishing trip Yakutat 2012 is booked!

We arrive Yakutat at July 12th with the evening flight from Anchorage and leave at July 28th with the morning flight to Anchorage. These are 14 great fishing days!

We stay at the Yakutat Bay Lodge, normally but this year it’s a little different. The Yakutat Bay Lodge was sold and is not longer operating as a lodge. We have found another location with the Leonards Landing Lodge:

We see forward to July the 12th…

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Nice to Have: Unsinkable knife for anglers

Here is a new categorie oppened – Nice to Have things for anglers.

Brusletto® Fiskern knife for angler

This knife with a slender blade of stainless steel 440C is ideal for cutting gills and gutting fish.  The combination of cork and Nordic birch grip make this knife unsinkable. See more here…

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Sockeye Pattern 2012

There are several tied fly pattern waiting for the next fishing trip in 2012. And these patterns catch fish? I hope so but we’ll see it in July 2012…  more…

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New videolinks added

There are some new videolinks added. See here at the buttom…

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